"Ants!! Ants!!" You here screaming coming from the hall, "it's the freaking ants" you wipe the gunk out of your eyes, ants? You ask your self, what the hell is going on. Quickly you throw on some clothes and head out to see what all the screaming is about. Out in the lounge every one is huddled by the tv, then you hear "Breaking News""breaking news" "5000 reported deaths, all over the world due to ants, yes it appears the ants have all got together and are attacking in staggering numbers""it appears the ants seem to attack while the victim is sleeping and enter through the ear and begin to eat the brain"

Is it possible that this could ever happen? You ask yourself, Well we know there are ants out there that will swarm and even take down a elephant. That's right people if you haven't heard their are ants out there that will kill not only an elephant but any thing in their path, take the army ant for example,  Native and most commonly found in South and Central America these tiny predators hide in the deep forest awaiting their next meal.

Mostly feasting on a carnivore diet, these ants can eat a wide variety due to their amazing digestive system which can dissolve any living creature. In fact, their eating habits are so amazing that one ant colony can dissolve and eat an entire cow within hours. Army Ants use two front teeth and claws which they use in unison to inject a venom which works as an acid and will dissolve all types of flesh. A favorite tasty treat among this species are wasps and Leaf Cutter Ants.

Army Ants vary in size but remain roughly between 8 and 12 millimeters in length. Their colour is typically a light brown, but have been reported to also resemble a red tint. This species of ant is incredibly intelligent and can move very quickly.
(info thanks to http://scienceray.com/ )

If you are in a known territory for Army Ants, please take extreme caution. These ants will attack any living creature they feel is a threat – and yes, that means you too! If you step on a nest, or fall asleep near a nest you are likely to become their next prey. The soldiers attack in extremely large groups, covering their meal completely as they begin to cut the flesh into tiny pieces. As savage creatures they leave the organs in place, causing whatever they kill to be torn apart while still alive – ouch. So be sure to watch your step or you may become their next feast.

Interesting isn't it? Now you think about the evolution of man from apes, is it possible that ants are evolving ever so slowly, that maybe not in our life time but in your grandchildren's, their tiny little brain will eventually evolve to become smart enough to join forces with each individual species of ant and all attack at once to wipe out the human population. With an estimated one million ants to every human, it's no doubt not impossible. It would not take more than one million ants on a human to bring him or her down with out any possible way of fighting back. If every single ant in this world got the "GO" word and all attacked together, we wouldn't stand a chance.

That's ridiculous I hear you saying, but how is it any more ridiculous than Scientology or the way our governments are run? But there are thousands upon thousands of people that believe and subscribe to that rubbish, At least we know a few facts  about ants;
Ants exist
There are ants that eat meat
Evolution is real
Ants out number humans
Ants can kill elephants

But you say, the ants have been around for thousands and thousands of years and still have not evolved into anything bigger or smarter, I put it to you that how do you really know? How can you prove that ants aren't  actually getting smarter and slowly working together as a team to take down bigger and smarter pray, how can you prove that ants haven't been evolving over the last few thousand years for eventually one event, one massive event that could decide human history, the day the ants attack and 'The Planet Of The Ants' is born....