Facebook the thing that most of us have and waste hours upon hours on a day, Its not even that we enjoy it or that's how i feel anyway, it has become a natural instinct to check facebook to see whats going on in the world. It use to be we had to use our imaginations when we were board and had nothing to to do, but now we just pick up a phone or goto a computer and look at facebook, its so bad now that as soon as i pick my phone up to do anything i automatically press the Facebook app button even though thats not what i was going to do, it has be come natural that the first thing I do now when picking up my phone is unlock it and load up Facebook.

I see the benefits in Facebook for example I live about 2500kms away from most my family and friends but they have all have gotten to see my children grow and what i have been unto in the past few years and vice versa but were us humans meant to be in contact with so many people, I'm not sure. there has been a few things that Facebook has completely ruined for me the first is people, thats right people.

Its great we get to see what everyone has been up-to and if there doing well but the amount of stupid shit people post on Facebook completely turns you off them. i sit there and stare most mornings and shake my head, not only did you think that post was a good idea/funny/interesting when really its just shit and makes you look like a complete dick. Quickly your realize that there is certain people in the world that you weren't meant to be friends with or talk to on a regular basis and why we weren't meant to be in touch with so many people.

People is only one, i already have had come to the conclusion that 99% of people in this world are pretty dumb and only care for them selves, working in the tourism industry for quite a few years i learnt this very quick, but there are many other things Facebook has ruined like sports. Sports you say how sports, i agree its awesome i can see or get results from most sports at the click of a button but again the arrogant people commenting or making posts on shit they have zero idea about or the one eyedness as supporters teams or players can do no wrong gets to me. I'm sure i have said shit that i have know idea about before, well here i am writing a blog and i have no idea about the English language but i don't need to push my agendas or my sports teams agendas on other people everyday and i don't believe that my sports teams are the worlds greatest.

There are many others one of the major ones is Lego, I love lego the freedom it gives you to build and rebuild anything you like is amazing, but the behind the scenes of the adult lego world is a joke. The collectors and sellers are crazy they buy out shops and then complain that other people brought the stuff they wanted, most of which they are buying to resell a few years down the track for a inflated price.

As i am writing this i am coming to the realization that we are not meant to be in touch with this many people, as we go through life we try and get rid of the negativity so we can live our life as happy as possible but Facebook doesn't give you that option. Its like watching the nightly news just doom and gloom being thrown at you from all all angles. No matter what your interests or loves you will find people thousands of people who make it there mission to go and destroy those loves. I’m not even sure we do it on purpose, its becoming more and more like human nature to bad mouth or  want everything to our selves.

So in conclusion i think its time we all picked up our phones and checked Facebook a little less and enjoy nature more, the beauty of the natural world is far better than anything you will every see on Facebook. Also its time to cull, get rid of those people on our so called friends lists that you still have on there because you went to school 10 - 15 years ago with them but wouldn't make the effort to go and visit them in real life. If you wouldn't actually make a effort to go and visit someone and have a face to face lunch/dinner or what ever, why would we have them as a Facebook friend? Its the same thing as Facebook telling you its peoples birthdays. Yes its fantastic that you shouldn't ever miss a birthday but if your not going to actually see or talk to the person does it really mean anything?